Throughout the month of March 2020


Guided Drawing Sessions
Analyze and Appreciate Portrait Paintings
Portraits served the function of today's photograph, except that the artist could manipulate the image to optimize looks, status and power.
Participate in a guided drawing session, engage closely with portraits, learning to capture compelling features in simple sketches.
Local artists will highlight the work of Hal Bevan-Petman in a brief tour of the galleries. Participants will then work from selected paintings, guided by the instructor.
How Registration Works
Program fee is Rs. 1000/- session. Please register and pay in advance due to limited space. Registration for each session will close the day before that session.
Ages 15 and over.
Pay via direct bank transfer or drop off payment at the Museum office. For more information contact us at: 35837669/ 35374878 OR
These workshops will be repeated, with a different instructor leading each session.
March 18: 11am – 1pm
March 24: 03am – 5pm
March 28: 03pm – 5pm