Throughout the month of March 2020



Spend an hour drawing in the galleries! Choose a portrait that intrigues you, and let your hand follow your eye. Drawing trains the hand, eye and mind - AND relaxes you.


Buy our MPM sketch book or bring your own.

  • Visitors over the age of 15 are welcome to draw in the galleries
  • Drawing hours: 2-5 pm, every day except Mondays (Museum closed)
  • Gallery benches available for visitors to sit on
  • For the protection of the art, only dry media such as pencils and color pencils are permitted
  • Pens, markers, ink and paint are not permitted
  • Please be courteous to the Museum Staff
  • Please be respectful of the artwork and other visitors



  • Look for features that strongly convey personality
  • Start with quick sketches to warm up
  • Don’t try to create an exact replica, keep it loose
  • Visit often, make sketching a regular practice